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2015 Performer Lineup
*Performers are subject to change without notice.

Third Strike Wingwalking

Wingwalker Carol Pilon hails from Masham, Quebec, Canada. She first saw wingwalking on a television commercial for a local air show, and it was love at first sight. She has been a professional wingwalker since 2000. Carol has walked on the most powerful aircraft, a jetwaco with 3000 available hp to the one with the least, a quicksilver ultra light at 45hp. She holds many firsts including first and only woman to walk on a jet propelled aircraft, first and only Canadian wingwalker, and first documented winter wingwalk. She also performed wingwalking in the Fox feature presentation of Amelia! 


Megasaurus comes to Greenwood Lake for the first time ever in 2015. Watch as this beast tears through cars and shoots out flames with over 200,000 BTU's of burning power! This behemoth stands over 3 stories tall and weighs over 50,000 lbs. Each claw contains 15,000 lbs of crushing force as does his biting jaw! 

Redline Airshows

Brand new to the 2015 show is Redline Aerobatics, an exciting formation aerobatic flight team that thrills crowds with a display of skill, nerve, and showmanship at low level altitudes. Redline Airshows is a 2 man formation aerobatic performance team that flys Experimenatl RV-8 series aircraft that they custom built themselves. 


Jason Flood

Jason is thrilled to be performing in his home state of New Jersey as the newest addition to the Greenwood Lake Air Show line up. He is one of the youngest aerobatic pilots and often ranks 1st in regional aerobatic competitions. 


Raiders Demo Team

Watch as three pilots fly tight formations in vintage Soviet aircraft (CJ-6's and Yak 52's). Their high energy performance and daring maneuvers thrill the crowd year after year.   



Watch as pilot Justin Lewis speeds his FLS Microjet past the crowd! The FLS Microjet is a high performance, aerobatic, single seat, low-wing, all metal, jet powered aircraft built from an ametuer homebuilding kit.


Gary Ward

Gary began his airshow career in 1998 in a Pitts S2-B. In 1999, he moved to the Giles 202 and in 2006, he became the first pilot to begin flying airshows in the awesome new MX2! The MX2 is the absolute latest in unlimited aerobatic aircraft. It is strong, fast, and very agile! The entire airframe is constructed of aerospace quality carbon fiber to provide maximum strength and stiffness with minimum weight. The MX2 is powered by a Lycoming engine modified by LYCON to produce more than 350 HP! 


Greg Connell

Greg Connell returns to the Greenwood Lake Air Show with his new "WolfPItts" for 2015!



Greg Koontz

Veteran Airshow guru Greg Koontz puts his American Champion Super Decathlon though its paces in one of the most down low, in your face airshow routines you will ever see!  

The Alabama Boys

Watch the hilarious antics of Clem as he takes this Cub for one crazy ride! 


Jerry McCart & Wicked Willy

Wicked Willy turns up the heat as Jerry McCart races down the runway.  


Kevin Russo &T6 Formation Flight




Jon Socolof

Jon puts his L-29 Jet through the paces as he flies overhead demonstrating the abilities of this aircraft.  


Sunday Only

Marine Fly By with Cobra and Huey Helicopters 


Greenwood Lake Air Show  is a rain or shine event, but the safety of pilots and attendees is paramount. Inclement weather may occasionally delay flying activities, but every effort will be made to produce the afternoon air show unless safety margins cannot be met.
Greenwood Lake Airport
126 Airport Rd.
West Milford, NJ 07480