Car Show Judging Guidelines

  • Cars will be judged on 7 different criteria
  • Each can earn up to five points, five being the best
  • Points will be tallied to equal a total number of points
  • Car with highest number of  total points wins it’s respective category

 ·        General Appearance

o       First impressions; how the car looks upon walking up to it. How well cared for the car appears.

·        Paint Scheme

o       Quality of custom artwork or quality of the original paint scheme.

·        Exterior

o       Chrome accents, wheels, custom graphics, rust etc.

·        Interior

o       Quality of the interior of the car. Carpet, dash, panel, seats, etc.

·        Details

o       Trim pieces, missing decals or badges, scratches in the paint or rims, etc.

·        Modifications


§         Quality and amount of modifications, uniqueness.


§         If modified from stock: does the modification enhance the vehicle? New hood, rims, interior, etc.

§         If in Stock Condition: how well restored is the vehicle? Accurate restoration?

·        Bonus Points

o       Display and presentation of the car. Is it an iconic movie car? Crowd appeal.

Greenwood Lake Air Show  is a rain or shine event, but the safety of pilots and attendees is paramount. Inclement weather may occasionally delay flying activities, but every effort will be made to produce the afternoon air show unless safety margins cannot be met.
Greenwood Lake Airport
126 Airport Rd.
West Milford, NJ 07480